Item # 21243

Ages: 5 YEARS & UP

Product Description:

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Dug in among a lost, shattered field of ruins in the baking desert, JOLT waits, and watches the advancing horde of DECEPTICON warriors. Each one of them is a devastating war machine, while JOLT is trained more as a healer than a fighter. He focuses his attention on DECEPTICON BRAWL, knowing that if he is cautious and lucky, he might have a chance to bring down the enormous, powerful DECEPTICON.

Prepare for a head-to-head, robot-on-robot battle! Your DECEPTICON BRAWL and JOLT figures are sworn enemies and they’ll battle until the end. In robot mode, your villainous DECEPTICON BRAWL figure features a projectile-launching cannon accessory. You can convert your JOLT figure to Chevy Volt vehicle mode so he can zoom away from his opponent’s “fire”…but he’s still going to face a challenge when you convert your DECEPTICON BRAWL figure into tank vehicle mode and unleash the rotating turret action. Does the good guy have what it takes to win this fight? It’s up to you —

Ages 5 and up.

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