Item # 24477

Ages: 5 & Up

Product Description:

WINDBURN is a master of modern warfare, able to hold a real-time image of even the most vast battle space in his head. Together with his partner DARKRAY, he manages troop movements across the battlefield, ensuring they go where they are needed most to guarantee a DECEPTICON victory.

Power up for the ultimate robot battles! Your WINDBURN figure is already a virtually unstoppable opponent in his vehicle and robot modes. But his strength gets doubled when you factor in your DARKRAY figure and his four modes! Convert this MINI-CON ally figure to weapon accessories for him when he's in helicopter vehicle mode or Commander mode. Then, convert your DARKRAY figure into an armor accessory for your WINDBURN figure's Power Up Mode! And the action doesn't stop there. With this Power Core interchangeable robot combination system, MINI-CON figures and drone vehicles (sold separately) can attach to power up any Commander figure. Collect more packs and you can create tons of unique and fierce robot battler figure combinations!

Two-pack includes WINDBURN and DARKRAY figures.

Ages 5 and up.

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